The Self Care FacialĀ 


The King Facial Treatment is designed for men. I believe that MEN skin care matters!! Welcome King!!
This facial treatment includes an in-depth skin consultation with analysis of the skin. This facial treatment is to address and refine pores, improves skin tone and soothes razor burns and extract ingrown hairs if present. Treatment includes a modality if and w/o contraindications. A modality is an advanced technology that is used to assist with treatment of the skin.

Hydrating Body Wrap

This treatment begins with dry skin brushing, followed by a rejuvenating body scrub, application of hydrating mask left on 15-20minutes at which you’re wrapped inside
a Mylar sheet to aid in product penetration into the skin.

Once mask is removed, finishing touches of the body moisturizer is applied. Skin will be dewy with maximum hydration. and then removed.

Body waxing

Waxing helps remove dead skin cells along with unwanted body hair. It’s like getting a quick exfoliation every time. stay hair-free longer with waxing, and your hair thins out over time.